TDW: Emergence (Volume 4); Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Collecting Rewards

(Friday, March 11th Game Day / Thursday, May 27th Real Day)


The time for recognition was finally at hand.

All those hours spent struggling in the blood, sweat, and shit of my enemies had led to this very moment. This single moment where nothing else mattered as the memories of the past fell to the wayside, to the fields of a distant land of a time gone by, never to return. The war had changed me… as a piece of me had been left back there while my desire brought me here. A desire and an unwavering conviction to a cause that was wholly my own as my efforts transcended the constraints of mere men.

Limited not by the field of battle or by the rules of honorable warfare but by the extent of my imagination, the actions taken were as ruthless and cold-blooded as they come. Yet here I was standing idly by in line as hundreds if not thousands of others stood nearby doing the same. As if we were so different. Mere men, hah, was I truly so far removed?

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TDW: Emergence (Volume 4); Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Defining Greed

(Saturday, March 12th Game Day / Thursday, May 27th Real Day)


No longer bothered by unwanted spectators or other nuisances, the bustling street outside my window was the only minor distraction left as I stood and watched without much interest. Far removed from the activity of the reward table, those who found themselves this far out were either late to the party or had already received their rewards.

Those cries of happiness remained foreign and the shouts of sales seemed to have happened ages ago and miles away. They weren’t so far though… only a few hours had passed and as day turned to night and began to turn back once again, I found myself rather calm and collected amidst a swirling sea of information. All of the time spent alone in my room allowed me to gather my thoughts on the subject and for that I was better off.

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